The Greyhound, with a student discount, is about the same price as the GO Train (when the GO Train is running, which it is not on the weekends).

VIA Rail tends to run about $9 more than a student rate Greyhound discount when you can get an Escape rate and takes you to Union Station. VIA Rail gives you a bathroom, reasonable wifi and a power outlet. VIA Rail charges less tax and doesnít have a sneaky service charge tacked onto the fare, so the difference in cost is less than expected.

The University of Waterloo Greyhound bus stop is in front of the B.C. Matthews Hall and currently doesnít have a sign.

From having to call the desk where you buy your tickets if you canít do print-at-home tickets (which is *NOT* where the bus stop actually is), I found that the Greyhound stop is the same stop as the Grand River Transit 13 bus.

So for those that like to know where to wait *before* the bus arrives, I will now be the first on the internet to mark it conveniently *on a map*. Before, you had to call and bother the poor person at the Student Life Centre Keystone Desk or just know where particular university buildings are that by sheer probability youíve never been to, until now!


Another excellent but all-too-rare method to indicate exactly where to wait for something such as a bus (which doesnít always map too nicely to a street address), is with longitude and latitude addresses that you can punch into your phone or GPS. Behold! 43.4742,-80.5455