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Telephone Numbers for US Bank

The United States of America has a very large number of banks. Almost 95 thousand bank branches according to USA Today. US Bank is one of the largest, with over 3000 branches. That means 3.2% of all US bank branches are a US Bank.

US Bank's General Banking phone number:

An easier way to remember this number is 800-US BANKS

I'm very unhappy with US Bank, what should I do?

There are LOTS of banks in the United States, the land of capitalism. If you're unhappy with your bank, vote with your feet and switch to a new one! Banks often run promotions for new customers. Research, research, research! If you want to make a complaint to the Federal Reserve about US Bank, follow this link.

How recent are these phone numbers?

We check often. This information was last updated in March 2017.

What about other US Bank phone numbers?

You can find other US Bank phone numbers here.

What about the number for my branch?

Sorry, we're just starting out, but you can try searching for your US Bank Branch here.

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